Home is where the heart is…….

The Cottage Outside_001

Gor Girl, I live in Sais Village. I am a Free Woman of Gor and a Novice Scribe. I’m an Earth girl at heart. I heard all the stories passed down to me by my ancestors. A Century ago my ancestor arrived from Earth and he told all the stories of this place called Earth. Near and far the stories of Earth are known like fables, almost a forgotten history; except to those who believe and are not too lost in Gorean culture and the draconian values that we live by. We pledge to our Home Stone and we live by a caste system – that’s our way. My family and I are Blue Caste, I hail from a long line of Scribes who as soon as the child becomes of age is carried off to a new village where we are mentored to become Scribes and pledge to a new Home Stone. That was a personal and secret strategy of my family name. Our mission is to keep our heritage alive in the descendants and this is why we travel. Upon arrival in our new village we hand over an Earth Jewel – this is a security deposit for keeping and training a descendant. I am the particular descendant.

My Earth ancestor had my family uphold these inflexible values from his deathbed, that dear old man who has given his descendants an arduous task. There had to have been an easier way, but ancestors they don’t think easily on behalf of their descendants even though on Earth – apparently things are the other way around; that people actually fight so their descendants can live better than they did. Well, things are much different here, and I guess my ancestors were damaged by their experiences – but at least they cared enough to keep our family name and legacy going above all else. That thought is what keeps me going – at least no matter how harsh my reality. This is why I haven’t run away.

I don’t disclose my name, and I won’t, it is enough that I told you I live in Sais village; the last thing I want to do is cause warriors from near and far coming to my village to raid us and take me as a slave. If they can read anyway, but I don’t know, in Gor – bad news travels fast; my scrolls only need end up in the wrong hands and I’m done for. I know my village is strong and will protect me – but I do dislike the idea of my personal heritage being such a toll. At times I dream of a life far away from here, a life on Earth – maybe. Somewhere I can be myself and live differently; away from this stark existence. I long to have received what transcends from hope. A trajectory is very much on my mind right now. I’m sorry I have to go, I must make the travelling salesman who buys candles to take back to his companion in the city of Ar. Until next time, my words can keep you longing.  Gor Girl.

The Journey Begins

Out of Character: In my Second Life I am a Gor Girl, and in my First Life – I am a God Girl. I visited Second Life to escape from my first life, but I soon discovered that wherever I go in life, God is always with me. My reality is tied to the point of creation.  Wherever I go – I cannot escape God. Not that I was trying to escape God, I was trying to escape ‘life’ I just discovered on this journey – that God is with me, teaching me about life and connecting me to my personal truth. No matter where I go, what I do or say, I find that my faith in God is rooted in reality, and my reality is rooted in my faith. So, I wanted to escape Humans, but I found that even in virtual reality and fantasy roleplay – Humans are still a problem; as they are in their actual reality and daily living. I am therefore not going to try to control the world, I wasn’t meant to – that is why we have free-Will, and God says don’t judge; besides, it is a hard enough task – trying to control myself and I feel sure I wouldn’t like the judgement of others.  So, I invite you to walk with me, on a journey that will be very interesting. I promise you.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton